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Re-Imagining KYC

With 25+ years of experience in the gambling industry, we at GDP provide solutions for maximizing your registration numbers, turning your burden into profit, and meeting regulations. With us, you can simplify complexity. Explore our powerful framework and your benefits. When would you like to start?

How do you define identity in 2021?

  • Can I eat it?
  • Will it eat me?
  • Can I mate?
"Gambling is a principle inherent in human nature."
Edmund Burke
Statesman and philosopher
EXAMPLE: Automatization of KYC

Consumer expectations overtaking the industry

Simply using smartphone: 

  • Read and verify an ID
  • Biometrics, liveness, presence detection
  • 360°threat matrix in a second
  • Data verification and risk/AML check

Technology alone is not enough. You need a VISIONARY partner to stay ahead.

EXAMPLE: Advanced Automation

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  • Smart and wholistic use of technology

  • Modular platform approach – self-upgrading

  • Fully integrated “One-Stop-Shop”

  • Future-proof your business

You’re JUST IN TIME to board the next-gen KYC solutions !

Advanced Automation

Don't fix yesterday, make tomorrow yours

Technology gives peace of mind

It‘s not so much about meeting needs today! It‘s all about EXCEEDING your customers’ expectations tomorrow

Technology gives peace of mind

Turn burden into business value

The time has come to ‘Re-Imagine KYC’

The new normal

From KYC to EYC

From KYC to EYC

Compliance done right creates VALUE

future starts now

Universal player iD

  • Convenience
  • Cockpit
  • Engaging, conversational
  • Seamless recognition
  • Player protection

The next big thing: easy to use, ubiquitous & secure player identity profile

No security and no business value without identity!

  • Better insight & security
  • Continuous engagement
  • 360 understanding and interaction with the player
  • Multi-operator, multi-jurisdiction

Seize the business requirement and use it to your own advantage to TRANSFORM how you onboard your next customers

GDP handles the biggest numbers on the market through only 1 API

Reach And Coverage

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