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Onboarding is at the beginning of almost every ongoing relationship between consumers and companies. 

Our one-stop-shop combines top-notch technology and know-how from GDP and additionally makes use of 20+ leading providers. This way we guarantee having the best fitting costumer journey for ANY onboarding use case and complete global coverage for all our services.


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In gambling and betting

The challenge

How stricter monitoring of regulators leads to higher penalties
Being KYC & AML compliant may seem like an easy task; however, overconfidence and lack of knowledge can usually lead to mistakes and, as a result, to regulator dissatisfaction.

KYC & AML compliance for betting: from general requirements to specifics
Although AML laws are the same for all industries, betting still has some specifics since the chances of coming across money laundering are higher in this sector than in others.

General Requirements

AML compliance program
Defining how the company detects, accesses, and reports financial crime

Customer Due Diligence
Obtaining the customer’s information to verify their identity and evaluate whether they are involved in any crime

Enhanced Due Diligence
Checking clients’ source of funds

Responsible Gambling

Checking the customer’s age
Age restrictions differ from country to country

Checking the source of funds
Publicly available information concerning the salary of a particular customer

Problem gambling behavior
Various signs that show they have become addicted

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Our products combine leading KYC technologies into a seamless platform that can be implemented with minimal effort. The featuresets are based on typical industry requirements and can be extended with additional services. Please get in contact to discuss your specific KYC challenge.

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